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Interactive Math

Below are a few examples of interactive math included with both the 27th and 28th editions of Machinery's Handbook CD and from Guide to Machinery's Handbook. The Guide is included on the Handbook CD, however, activating the Guide requires a separate purchase. As of last counting, the current collection includes more than 500 interactive math solutions.

These examples are intended to be generally representative of the style of solutions available using the Machinery's Handbook CD.

How to use the Interactive Math

The interactive mathematics in Machinery's Handbook uses your web browser to display and interact with equations. A free LiveMathTM web browser plug-in is required.  If it is not already installed, the plug-in should automatically start to load and install itself the first time you try one of the equations. Just follow the on- screen instructions. If the plug-in doesn't seem to be loading, or if you have trouble installing it, you can download it from the LiveMath web site, Plug-in versions for both Internet Explorer and Netscape are available.

Examples from Machinery's Handbook 27

  Circles in Rectangles
  Right Triangle
  Comparative Economic Analysis
Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  Force Analysis
  Beam Problem
  Compression Member Design
Threads and Threading
  UNS Screw Thread
  Metric Screw Thread
  Whitworth Thread Tolerances
Gears and Gearing
  Spur Gear

Examples from Guide to Machinery's Handbook 27

  Absolute Pressure
  Total Depth of a Keyway
  Checking Screw Thread
  Structural Analysis
  Shaft Design
  Shaft Design
  Involute Spline
  Gear Design
  Speeds and Feeds