Machinery's Handbook CD-ROM V1.0
How to Install Machinery's Handbook CD V1.0 Data Files on a Hard Drive

The following instructions will allow you to run "Machinery's Handbook Version 1.0" directly from your computer's hard drive. You may want to do this for the following reasons:

  1. The program will run more quickly if it is using the hard drive compared to a slower CD-ROM drive.
  2. Preserve the ability to run other CD-ROM based programs from your computer's CD-ROM drive bay.

You MAY NOT install your program on a hard drive as a way of allowing multiple users to have access to ONE legal copy of the program unless you own a site license.

To install the "Machinery's Handbook" data files to your hard drive follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have approximately 175 megabytes of free space on your hard drive for the data files. You will also need 9 megabytes of hard drive space for the DynaText browser program. 
  2. Install "Machinery's Handbook" following the installation prompts in the setup program. Make a note of the installation directory; the default installation directory is c:\MacHBook
  3. After installation is complete, copy the "MacHBook" folder and its contents from the CD into the MacHBook\data\handbook directory of your hard drive. If you used the default directory to install the progrtam in Step 2) above, you will be copying the data files into the  c:\MacHBook\data\handbook directory.

  4. Note: The data files from the CD may be placed in any suitable location in any local hard drive on your system, however, you will need to record the location of the data files in the COLLECTION line of the dynatext.ini file as described in Step 4)

  5. From the "Windows 95" "Start" button open up the "Programs" folder and then select the "Machinery's Handbook" folder. Select the "Dynatext.INI File" item to open the dynatext.ini file in a text editor. Be sure that you are using a text editor that saves files as "plain text."
  6. The dynatext.ini file is located in the "bin" folder of the installation directory (c:\MacHBook is the default).

  7. Change the following line in the dynatext.ini file:
    COLLECTION=x:\MacHBook="Machinery's Handbook" 

    COLLECTION=c:\MacHBook\data\handbook\MacHBook="Machinery's Handbook"
    "x" is your CD-ROM drive letter, and,  "c:\MacHBook\data\handbook\MacHBook" is location to which you installed the data files in Step 3.
  8. Save the "Dynatext.INI File" file as a "plain" text file.
  9. Remove the CD from the drive and launch "Machinery's Handbook" from the "Windows 95" "Start" "Programs" menu.
  10. If this does not work properly you can always uninstall the program and then reinstall from the CD.

August 10, 1999